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Specialists in rice, fish and seafood. Restaurant with terrace facing the sea port, local air-conditioned and pleasant treatment. Landmark of the "Casas de Alcanar".

Salads and starters

Green salad

Warm salad with baked vegetables and goat cheese

Foie with marmalades

Galician-style octopus with potatoes and garlic flavored mayonnaise

Steamed mussels

Mussels à la marinière

Sea snails

Oysters of Delta

Clams à la marinière

Grilled, steamed or live clams

Grilled razor clams

Sea anemones fried in breadcrumbs

Fried slamm fish

Fried squids

Grilled squids

Fried or grilled small squid

Small squids with onions

Grilled cuttlefish

Prawns with garlic and parsley

Sea cucumbers


Rice broth with lobster

Rice broth with flat lobster

Rice broth with prawns

Rice brith with spiny lobster

Rice with artichokes, small squids and prawns

Rice with razor and garlic shoots

Rice with sea anemones and artichoke

Red rice with shrimps

Black rice

Rcie with sea cucumbers

Rice with garlic shoots, small squids and clams

Paella with fish

Rice “pelat”

Rice with red peppers and prawns

Rice with sea bass

"Rossejat" (Rice previously browned and stir-fried)

Rice "a banda" (kind of paella, the fish is served separately) (to order)

Rice with mushrooms and foie

Rice with garlic shoots, small squids and prawns

"Caldereta" and noodles

"Fideuada" (paella made with noodles)

"Fideuada" with sea cucumbers

Black "fideuada"

Fish Stew with angles fish, shrimps, prawns, lobster, razors, clams, flat lobsters, mussels in almond sauce and cognac.

Fish Soup with noodles (with prawns, mussels, clams, squid and angler fish)

Fish, seafood and crustaceans

Baked sea bass or in salt

Grilled sea bass

Baked or gilt-head in salt

Grilled gilt-head

Grilled or fried sole

Grilled or fried monkfish

Grilled turbot

Baked turbot

Baked Peter's fish

Grilled Peter's fish

"Suquet" (fish with potatoes casserole)

"Suquet" eels

Grilled platter

Fried fish platter

Grilled or flambéed prawns

Grilled flat lobster

Grilled shrimps

Grilled spiny lobster



Catalan crème brulée

Coffee custard

"Les Barques" vanilla and orange juice

"Menjar blanc"

Assorted pastries

White chocolate and soft nougat cake

Coconut cake

Cottage cheese with walnuts cake

Two chocolate cake

Strawberries with whipped cream

Seasonal fruit

Chocolate candy


Cake with chipped cream or chocolate

Whisky ice cram cake

Irish coffee

Lemon marc sorbet


Gramona Moustillant (D.O Penedés)

Verdeo (D.O. Rueda)

Viña Esmeralda (D.O. Catalunya)

Gandesa (D.O. Terra Alta) - vi de la casa

Deler (D.O. Montsant)

Viña Esmeralda (D.O. Catalunya)

Herencia Altès (D.O.Terra Alta)

Les Argiles (D.O. Montsant)

Deler (D.O. Montsant)

Altos Ibéricos (D.O. Rioja)

Rebels de Batea (D.O. Terra Alta)

Pago de los Capellanes (D.O.Ribera Duero)

Recaredo ( Rosat)

Recaredo Brut Nature

Gramona Imperial

Rovellats Brut

Juve i Camps

Les Barques Can Joan

Plaza de San Pedro, 6 - 43569 Las Casas de Alcanar (Tarragona)
Phone: 977 73 58 85
Mobile: 655 60 10 19


Monday to Sunday 13:00 to 17:00h

June, July and August: Monday to Sunday 13:00 to 17:00h and 20:30 to 23:00h

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